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The company


Litostroj Engineering is a leading supplier of technology for hydropower plants and pumping stations, based in the Czech Republic. The key part of their activities is design and engineering, building on the historical tradition of research and development in the Moravian town of Blansko. The first water turbine was manufactured in the local ironworks at the turn of the 20th century. 


As a member of the Litostroj Group, they focus on research and development, design and hydraulic tests of hydropower plant equipment. In collaboration with other members of the group, they offer complete turnkey supplies of hydropower plant equipment. 

Their question


Litostroj Engineering was looking for a reliable supplier of components of generators, especially stator and rotor coils. They searched and found a lot of potential partners in Turkey but only selected one: Coil Partners.

Our solution


Coil Partners recently established huge investments in fully automated rotor coil machinery and fully automated stator coils spreading machine. These ongoing investments improve our quality and also shorten the lead-times significantly.

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 Litostroj Engineering  


“I personally know the company since 2009 and I am impressed by the on-going process of increasing the quality, product range, capacity, level of automation of the machinery and implementing new manufacturing methods like Lean Management. We can definitely say that in Coil Partners we have found not only a coil manufacturer, but a sophisticated partner in common development, design and manufacturing of HV coils. Our cooperation allows us to achieve the highest quality and efficiency of the HV machines that we manufacture.”


Martin Prochazka, Generator division Director

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