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Field service team

Ask entrepreneurs what their assets are and most of them will answer ‘our unique service’. For selling products is one thing but truly being a partner is another.

At Coil Partners we’ve invested in a solid service since day one. But recently we’ve added an important service: coil winding on site, worldwide and for our clients only. The goal? Support them on location in urgent jobs and cooperate for an even better result. 

MP 05-07-2016-0037_lowres.jpg

The Coil Partners’ service team is composed of the best winders in the world. Together with the team of Baumüller they did an excellent job in Germany.

The first operation of our brand new service team took place in Germany, at Baumüller. 

Baumüller, headquartered in Nuremberg, is a leading manufacturer of electric drive and automation systems. At six production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and China, as well as more than 40 branches worldwide, around 1950 employees work on intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering and e-mobility.  


By the end of 2019, amidst all the holiday festivities, Baumüller had a very urgent rewinding issue for a 3,8 MW ABB motor while their own capacity was fully occupied.

Coil Partners sent the brand new field service team, composed of experienced rewinders that can help clients around the world to perform whenever they’re in need.

Together with the people of Baumüller we got the job done in a record time.


“We have been cooperating with Coil Partners for a long time and in this urgent case we were very impressed by the knowledge and flexibility of the Coil Partners’ team. It was a very successful and pleasant cooperation.”

Hartmut Baertl, Managing Director Baumüller

Do you want the support of our field service team? 

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