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Cultural heritage

Short history of a wonderful city 

Istanbul was colonized by the Greeks in the 7th century BC. It fell to the Roman Republic in 196 BC, and was known as Byzantium until 330, when it was renamed Constantinople and made the new capital of the Roman Empire. During late antiquity, the city rose to be the largest of the western world, with a population peaking to half a million people. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, which ended with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Constantinople then became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.


When the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923, the capital was moved from Constantinople to Ankara. Since 1930, the native name "Istanbul" has been the sole official name of the city in Turkish and has since replaced the traditional name "Constantinople" in most western languages as well.


Today Istanbul is the cultural center of Turkey. Emek Movie theater, Ataturk Cultural Center for music, opera and ballet, Sureyya Opera house are among the earliest buildings for making art accesible to all citizens. Istanbul modern Bosphorus bridge, Galata Bridge are also among the most important modern buildings.


A fertile breeding ground for business


The Coil Partners’ team is composed of people who not only live in Istanbul, but breathe it…

Their culture, habits and beliefs are an unseen enrichment for our company. That’s why we ‘ve invested in translating the beauty of the city and its inhabitants to the daily life in our factory. The DNA of our people is reflected in our company culture, the design of our work floor and the internal communication.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-16 at 11.12.10_lo

We want our visitors to feel who we are instead of what we do. We love to show them the value of this millennium-old city and culture by honoring our people. Veerle De Niel, an interior design specialist from Belgium, worked on a unique way to bring the sparkles of Istanbul into our buildings. Photographs of details in Istanbul together with photographs of our people at work make this dream real. Add a huge make-over of the colors of our uniforms, machinery and meeting rooms, and you’ll see the breathtaking result….

Get a taste of Coil Partners' spirit with our virtual tour.

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