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100% independent coil manufacturer with over 45 years of experience

Coil Partners as you know it today has a long and rich history of entrepreneurship that is marked by four important stages. 

Stage 1


The seed was planted over 45 years ago when ETAMO, a Belgium-based company and leader in the repair of electrical motors, started producing coils in 1973 for its own needs.

Stage 2


In 1987 ABB Service acquired ETAMO and the coil shop went on to become a centre of excellence for ABB Service worldwide.

Stage 3


2001 is the next turning point: Maintenance Partners is born, after a buy-out by the management of ABB Service Benelux. For reasons of cost-effectiveness Maintenance Partners Turkey is launched in 2007, as a joint venture with Sarcam, our copper wire manufacturer. The Belgian coil shop is moved to Turkey. In 2013 Maintenance Partners leaves the joint venture and Coil Partners becomes a fully independent company.


In the years that follow, Coil Partners grows fast and solid: Fenixta becomes a group member and ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology ensure all clients that top engineering products with an unseen service are guaranteed.

Stage 4


In 2013 Maintenance Partners leaves the joint venture and Coil Partners becomes a fully independent company.


Sarcam is the in-house copperwire manufacturing company of our group. Thanks to our close cooperation, we have cu-wire available within 24 hours after ordering. An asset that supports us in shortening the delivery time.

More than a developer and producer of copper coils, Coil Partners is a true long term partner for its clients worldwide. With the best quality in coils and a supreme service, also on site, we make every effort to achieve our corporate mission.

Fenixta’s first class work in updating existing machinery together with the development of brand new and tailor-made machines goes around the world. 

The engineers cooperate close with Coil Partners’ employees to deliver a solution for every question.

The newest member of our group is Moulding Partners, a Turkish machining company that specializes in the development and production of jigs to check the mechanical dimensions of our coils. They also supply us with the necessary tools to form special coils. This partner found a new home in the premises of Coil Partners.

Coil Partners is part of a group

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The assets of entrepreneurship in Turkey

Central location

Competitive & sustainable salary cost

Well educated &  motivated professionals

Direct flights & low-cost sea transport

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