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The company


Since 1974, Shermco Industries has become North America’s largest and fastest-growing electrical testing organization accredited by the International Electrical Testing Association. Their focus is to make sure electrical power systems are functioning properly and safely. Add to that their Professional Engineering Group, Rotating Machinery Division, Renewable Energy Services and Field Repair and local Repair Service Centers, Shermco is positioned to handle all things electrical. Always completed with an emphasis on safety and client service. 

Their question


The Rotating Machinery Division of Shermco Industries contacted Coil Partners with a very large order of Diamond Coils. Above all, the extreme short delivery time turned this job into a big challenge for the Coil Partners team: 5 to 6 weeks after placing the order.

Our solution


At Coil Partners we always find a solution to every problem and we don’t fear challenges at all. We promise Shermco Industries to deliver the coils in different sets:

31 Diamond Coils on 22nd of August

31 Diamond Coils the 29th of August

31 Diamond Coils on the 5th of September

31 Diamond Coils on the 12th of September


We’re proud to say we kept all these deadlines, except 1 day due to the flight dates of the airline company. The last order was even shipped together with the one before on the 4th of September.


Shermco Industries


“The delivery of the coils was a very tough one to make but Coil Partners proved their worth. I’m very satisfied with them: they keep every promise and deadline. Moreover, all the coils were very consistent and neat. No worries about customs issues with overseas shipment thanks to Coil Partners’ control.   

We had a daily meeting per my request and even at other times after the coils were delivered. Coil Partners and I actually had a conference call with my customer about different ideas of insulations for the future. Emre was very helpful and was able to answer my customer’s technical questions quickly and accurately.  
I surely recommend Coil Partners to other companies because they are committed, open for dialogue about decisions or changes and they will do what it takes to keep you satisfied with their product.”

Billy Higgs – Director of Motor Repair Shops at Shermco Industries

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