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100% independent coil manufacturer with over 45 years of experience

We authentically want to be us


In business as in life you will encounter givers and takers, matchers and mis-matchers,

believers and doomsayers. At Coil Partners we’re clearly with the positive thinkers, the future orientated and the creators. More so, we are a species on our own: we are providers.

Our DNA consists of nothing but the goodwill to enhance life.
First of all, for our people because no matter how thrilling new technology may be, without people mastering it we’re nothing. We consciously choose to cooperate on the happiness of our employees,
to create inspiring working environments and to provide a human-centered business culture that is lived and told.

Off course, we also provide for our worldwide customers: solutions, advice, high-tech coils, new machinery and a cozy customers ‘hub in Istanbul to spend some creative days with us.

We think about everything you don’t, and help you reach your highest potential.

While our partners nurture us with the best quality of raw materials and expertise, we provide them with a worldwide network, crucial insights and a growing community that can’t be missed.

We enjoy our mission as providers on all these levels and commit to providing chances and opportunities whenever and for whoever we can. Last but not least we provide for our own future too… by being who we truly are, by shaping the path instead of walking other footsteps, by expanding and joining forces with like-minded entrepreneurs.


The assets of entrepreneurship in Turkiye

Central location

Competitive & sustainable salary cost

Well educated &  motivated professionals

Direct flights & low-cost sea transport

DJI_0156 kopya 2.jpg

Coil Partners incorporates several other companies to guarantee the quality and

service we’re known for today. This unique grouping of talents and expertise creates

a competitive advantage that not many can count on:

  • Our direct access to the raw material for our coils (copper) allows us to clock ultrafast delivery times. Thank you, Sarcam!

  • Our ability to manufacture new machinery on site makes us the partner with – by far – the largest possibilities to develop tailor-made solutions. Thank you, Moulding Partners!

  • Our in-house engineering department sustains the process from A to Z and knows no limits. Thank you, Fenixta!

Do you want to know everything about the start of Coil Partners?

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