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Do you believe in fairy tales?

This is what a winner’s weekend looks like!

Do you remember our fun competition of last summer? We challenged you to find clues about our new premises. Every month there was something fun to win and the global winner was invited to spend a weekend in the marvelous city of Istanbul.

Guess what? This winner was Mark van den Berg from Bakker Repair + Services and his wife Hannita. A few weeks ago, they came to visit Coil Partners and Istanbul, returning home with a big and grateful smile.

Mark van den Berg is Manager Business Operations at Bakker Repair + Services in the Netherlands. As a senior in the company, with nothing less than 31 years of experience, Mark knows all about international business and high-quality standards.

Mark: “We’ve been working with Coil Partners for about seven years now. It all started with an encounter at EASA, when Johan De Coster triggered my curiosity for his company in Turkey. With better prices and way faster delivery times than what we were used to, we decided to give it a try… and we kept returning for their excellent quality.

Since that day, I’ve been following the company’s growth and expansion worldwide. I attended at their official opening the first time in 2017, and now for the second time! The new premises Coil Partners arrived at a few months ago are huge. There’s no other word for it. The production halls are impressive, as are the committed teams that take care of all the orders. No wonder they keep scoring high for all the standards international customers present them.

I’m happy that the troubles while moving from one location to the other are done now. We’ve had some issues during that period, but as always Coil Partners tackled their problems, and they are fully back on track today. They keep their promise to always be there for the repair market.”

Wonderful hosts

“Johan and his wife Marijke had prepared splendid activities, dinners, visits and experiences for our stay in Istanbul. I feel like we’ve really had the chance to know this enormous city from an authentic point of view. It was a great mix of togetherness and privacy, of culture and delicious food, of official monuments and down-to-earth witnessing of the Turkish life itself.

Tickets, transport, hotel, restaurants and even a private guide for our tour… everything was thought of in advance and perfectly organized. We never expected to be so overwhelmed by their warmth and friendship. Remembering those wonderful days in the heart of Istanbul, we’ll always smile our biggest smile possible. Thank you!”


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