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It’s almost D-Day!

It’s strange how time flies… For months we’ve been talking about our heartwarming event in September, and just as long have we been preparing everything in detail. Can you imagine that next week, we’ll be welcoming over 100 guests at our new premises?! We’re really looking forward to it.

Apart from that, we are also working very hard off course, manufacturing coils and stators. Nothing of this all would be possible without our motivated team. So we ‘ve organized a BBQ for them. Be sure to check out all the pictures.

Learn all about it in this newsletter!

Enjoy reading and diving into our business! the Coil Partners’ team

We’re making the wellbeing of our people a priority

Since day one, our entire team and their wellbeing at work has been a priority for Coil Partners. We’ve developed a bunch of extras that support, enlighten and brighten their day. Why? Because we’re convinced that happy employees adds value to our company.

Recently they were all invited to a beautiful and delicious BBQ. Want to taste the atmosphere? Enjoy this short movie!

Ready, set, go!

On Thursday 8th of September, we can finally say the day of our unique event has arrived. Customers from all over the world take the time and the energy to come and visit us in Istanbul.

Apart from the official opening ceremony of our new premises, we’ll offer them an unforgettable three-days-journey in this vibrant city we do business in. We will be welcoming more than 100 people!

In our next newsletter we’ll let you share in the joy and inspiration of this event!

General Electrics speaks highly of Coil Partners

GE did a quality audit for pole coils at Coil Partners. They have very high standards and strict procedures. Guess what? We came out with a brilliant score!

N° of non-conformities (N): 0

N° of Observations (O): 0

N° of Improvement Suggestions (I): 0

Quality Score: 89% Ratio of Quality Questions Applied: 88%

Overall Score: 89%

Result based upon Score: Approved

Did you know we recently invested in a new press machine for pole coils? This is it!

Ensar together with Megret Stephane, Miclo Dominique and Martin-Chenin Alexandre from GE.


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