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It's Coil Partners' birthday!

15 years of growth and happiness

Even for us it’s quite hard to believe, but we’ve turned 15 this month. And what a ride it has been… Emerging from a cooperation between Maintenance Partners and Sarcam, Coil Partners was born in 2007. Since then, we’ve all worked very hard to achieve our goals. But guess what?! We always set new ones, so we keep evolving and that is our secret to success.

We’re truly grateful to celebrate our success and growth and if we could make one wish for ourselves, it would be to continue the path of entrepreneurship, human development and pioneering our industry. Okay, that makes three wishes maybe ;-) A big thanks goes to our loyal customers and motivated team.

Curious about how young we looked when we signed the memorandum of association? Check out the picture below!

Three young men signing for the future of Coil Partners. From left to right: Kamil Tekin, Johan De Coster and Yusuf Campolat.

You will be delighted with our real-time tracking system

We’re the first to announce our successes but we’re also not afraid to admit our failures… After moving our production lines to our new premises, we got some problems with delivery times. We’ve apologized for it before and today all troubles and delays are gone.

But there’s more good news: we are developing a real-time tracking system that will allow our customers to check upon the production process of their order. No more phone calls or e-mails to check if everything runs smoothly: our transparent tracking system will inform you any time you wish.

Give us a little more time and we’ll reward you with a marvelous tool. Meanwhile enjoy the sneak-preview photo…


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