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Our event was a gem!

In a blink of an eye it was over… But luckily, we have some beautiful pictures to remember the wonderful days of our event in Istanbul. For those who were present they’re a warm memory and for those who missed out on it, they can be a source of inspiration and a teaser for the next one…

Our goal was to reconnect and guess what… We did, with all our heart! We’re so happy to have met you in real life after such a long time of digital connection.

Dive into the photo report with us and replenish!

Learn all about it in this newsletter!

Grateful greetings, the Coil Partners’ team

Follow the tour guide

Friday 9th of September was the big day for everyone. Starting early in the morning with a warm good morning and ending this long day with a satisfied good night in the moon light, we offered our guests a day full of surprises.

Let’s divide the day into four parts. Please follow the tour guide 😉

1. At the company

From our morning welcome with Turkish tea to the growling stomachs before lunch at noon… Delicious food, healthy talks and refreshing drinks for everyone!

2. Guided tour through the factory

A unique insight in our production process, for guests only 😊

3. Boat trip

Nothing as relaxing as being on the Bosphorus. Enjoy our boat trip, it’s like a postcard. As a surprise for Johan, Kamil, Yusuf and Jan, everyone wrote down a wish for Coil partners and locked it safe and well.

4. The Basilica Cistern

After a day full of input and stimuli, it was time to find some peace and rest in the Basilica Cistern. In this unique environment, we indulged in some classical music. The perfect way to end a wonderful day!


Feelings are temporary but we tried to make them long lasting…

On Saturday morning all our guests found a personalized newspaper on their hotel door… providing everyone with interesting interviews and details on our company AND with a photo report of the day before!

Nothing better than a throwback to a wonderful day for breakfast.

Last but not least

Our movie team made an incredible impression of Friday 9th of September. Drone images, interviews, music… it all comes together in this movie, especially for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

To our guests that were present: Thank you for being there! To our customers that couldn’t participate: don’t miss out next time!

And now… Back to work 😉


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