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We proudly present… MOULDING PARTNERS

From left to right: Levent, Refet, Kamil, Neşlet and Bahtiyar

Coil Partners has incorporated a new company, together we form the joint-venture Moulding Partners. It all starts with the Turkish machining company NRK, founded more than 15 years ago and focused on the glass industry.

Below you see an example of a glass cutting machine. This kind of equipment is very complex and must be very accurate.

NRK used to produce equipment for the glass industry.

Now they are producing tools for Coil Partners;

  1. This is an example of a jig for forming for instance roeble bars. The production is time consuming and very complex. Every single part has to be very accurate.

  2. Accurate production of dummy stators are crucial for the quality control of the coils.

  3. Spare parts for any of our equipment for urgent use.

NRK is a real family company: Neşlet Çalışkan, the general manager, runs the company together with his two brothers Bahtiyar and Levent and his uncle Rafet. Their large experience in the production of complex parts is a huge asset to the high-end activities of Coil Partners. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility and the space we have to offer there, Moulding Partners will be operating from our buildings in Istanbul.

To professionally launch them, nothing less than five new investments have taken place:

- 3 CNC machines

- 2 grinding machines

We’re grateful for being able to depend on the expertise of the family Çalışkan. We will soon be able to shorten our delivery times even more and to increase our quality.


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