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The company


Alstom is a key actor in mobility in France and a major partner of agglomerations, French regions and operators such as SNCF and RATP.

The company develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in each rail universe (urban and main line). Alstom's solutions include trains, signalling, services and infrastructure offered separately, bundled or fully integrated.

Their question


Alstom was looking for a long-term partnership and did profound research to find that reliable partner. Coil Partners passed through all the tests and came out best. After five years of successful cooperation, Coil Partners also became a partner of the traction division of Alstom in the USA.

Our solution


Alstom and Coil Partners are solid partners for more than 5 years now. 

We have a special team that only works for Alstom. These employees follow a long and hard training to meet the very high quality standards of Alstom.


Some facts that emphasize their severe demands:

  • Several young women are trained continually to effectuate the perfect taping of the coils.

  • Every layer of taping is measured and controlled. Tolerance of any anomaly: 2 mm.

  • For every set of coils, we take all the dimensions and collect them in our system.

  • The document FAI FMEA is filled out for every project of Alstom.

  • The document Traceability allows us and Alstom to track and trace every single product.

  • We manufacture tailor-made transport boxes for Alstom without using any metal.



“To deliver excellent quality and innovative solutions to our customers we can’t afford the smallest mistake or inconsistency. We know we are very strict in our choice of partnerships, but that also shows the unbeatable partners in the market.
Coil Partners surely is one of those extraordinary partners for Alstom. They deliver meticulous work and find a solution for any of our questions. We benefit from an exclusive team for our company at the factory in Istanbul: all of them are trained very well to meet our standards. No effort is ever too much for Coil Partners and that’s the spirit we need to create the future.
We’re thankful for their commitment and look forward to keeping this partnership going.”

xx, Alstom

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